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I loved these guys in playing it straight :)

forgot how much i love this song :)

'If you weren't so ugly, I'd put my d*** in your face' - words of wisdom by Nicki Minaj

feel good songs :D *does the hump*

Do you wear stripes a lot?

No, not really…… I’m more a block colour fan :P

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I am listening to Beyonce

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Work Convo 9/2/2012
Me: I think Hess would be the kind of man that would make love with you and look you in the eyes
Steven: Hahaha I'm going to tell him that later
Me: Please don't, OK if you have to do it do it whilst i'm not there *30 mins later*
Steven: Dan wants you to smash his back doors in
Me: *laughing and embarrassed* I didn't say that, Steven tell him what I really said!
Steven: He said that you would be the kind of man that would make love with you and look you in the eyes.
Hess: *laughs* Yeah when I cum in your mouth!
Is Snow really the end of everything?

In the UK we get subjected to all sorts of weather yet when it snows we are screwed. people believe that because it has snowed we are stuck indoors doing nothing until it has melted away.

All this week I have seen peoples Facebook/Twitter status’ saying how it has disrupted their lives so much but has it really?

I think that the snow is just an excuse to stop people from doing anything for example last Sunday I was meant to go to work but I rang in saying that I won’t be able to get in but in all honesty if I tried a bit more I probably could.

Another example was last night I had a phone call from my driving instructor telling me that i will not be able to have my lesson today because of the snow, but it is no different to yesterday, the roads are still clear.

It starts with schools if schools were open when it snowed then maybe as we grow up we wouldn’t have the attitude that everything is shut down and maybe could get on with lives just as normal instead of just moaning about it.

I understand that people think it’s dangerous but if you are extra careful when you are walking or driving in the snow it shouldn’t be a problem. I think the rest of Europe had it worst to be honest. 

Here is my snowman, it’s not very good but it proves I didn’t stay in whilst there was snow outside. What activities did you do in the snow?

Can Camp Guys Be ‘One Of The Lads’?

Although we live in a world of equal opportunity I feel in social situations this is not the case. We are all subjected to our feelings and personal beliefs which stop us from understanding another persons perspective. 

I’m not the straightest acting guy in the world but does that mean I can’t have straight male friends?

I was talking to people at work this week saying that I wanted to be ‘one of the lads’, so I tried changing myself, looking at ways I could ‘improve’ myself so I could talk to them without them making funny jokes about me being gay.

At first I tried getting into football, or at least talking about it. I learned about the off side rule, who Aaron Ramsey is and also what the score was between Man U and Liverpool last Saturday (it was 2-1 to Liverpool).

Then I tried talking about girls with them, not in a way a straight guy would but just recognising how pretty a girl was that they were eyeing up but I personally didn’t feel comfortable doing that so I stopped.

In the end I was made aware that I’d never be ‘one of the lads’ as I am one of the girls, which has knocked my confidence a bit as although I like the girls I’d like to think I could have straight male friends too.

Dan xx